Kazakhstan Hikes Wheat Exports to Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, Deputy Political of Prime Minister, received Yerlan Baidaulet, Director-general for Food security department to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and his accompanying in his office.

In a meeting while, accompanied by Kazakh Ambassador to Afghanistan, Yerlan Baidaulet notify on his tasks to the organization in Afghanistan and other countries, adding

“As far Afghanistan is a permanent member of the Organization for Food security and all member states are committed to these hard time situations stand with the people of Afghanistan and work under the same roof of Emergency Response Program to boost humanitarian assistance from donor countries.

Pointing to the food crisis in Afghanistan, he said that Kazakhstan intends to hike wheat exports to Afghanistan to its previous level and thus cooperate with food security.

The director of food security department Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) delcared the assistance of 6 bases of water filter machines, adding that in addition to assisting agriculurist, he also plans to raise funds for the start of uncomplete projects of the Ministry of Rural Development .

Mawlawi Abdul kabir receving the delegates expressed gratitude for the always coorperation of Kazakh Organization for Humanitarian Aid, said that as a Muslim country and a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s responsibility is to increase its assistance and cooperation to Afghanistan.

“The 43-year war has caused a lot of damage to Afghanistan in many sectors of society, and new Afghanistan needs further coorperation of such organization in development to reach self-sufficiency. Kabir added


Bakhtar News Agency

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