Job Opportunities Provided to 1,600 People in Uruzgan

TIRIN_KUT (BNA) With the administration support of UNFAO and funding by ANCC institutions, job opportunities were provided for 1600 people in Tirin-Kut city and in the Chori district of Uruzgan province.

The laborers work cleaning canals in their areas of residency and receive wages in cash for their work, said local officials in the province.

The project is for 20 working days and at the end of the project, the laborers will receive their wages of $100 or equivalent to domestic currency. according to local officials.

The laborers of the project are jobless local resident of the area who hasn’t had a job but they are the breadwinner of their families.

Previously, the UNHCR organization in cooperation with WDAN technical assistance has assisted 500 families and every family received $450 in cash in the province.


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