Japan Ready to Cooperate in Normalizing Islamic Emirate Ties with World

KABUL (BNA): Tadamichi Yamamoto, former United Nations envoy for Afghanistan, has stated, normalizing the Islamic Emirate’s relations with the world is in the interest of Afghanistan and the world, and Japan is ready to cooperate in this regard.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Office, during a meeting with Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi, Deputy Prime Minister for Admunistrative Affairs, Yamamoto expressed these views.
The Japanese ambassador in Kabul and a delegation from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation were also present in the meeting.
Yamamoto expressed joy in seeing Afghanistan again, highlighting the potential benefits of normalizing relations with the Islamic Emirate for both Afghanistan and the world.
Sasakawa Tsunami, the head of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Japan, affirmed their commitment to helping the people of Afghanistan.
He mentioned that the improved overall security in Afghanistan allows them to initiate activities in health, education, agriculture, irrigation, and other fields.
The foundation’s goal is the welfare of the Afghan people, and they are determined to spare no effort in achieving this.
The Acting Ambassador of Japan in Afghanistan also stated that Japan plans to assist in food and refugee return sectors.
Mr. Hanafi reiterated that Afghanistan will not allow any country to operate against its security.
The Islamic Emirate aims for respectful and mutually beneficial relations with all countries.
Hanafi highlighted the functions of the Islamic Emirate in various areas, such as rehabilitating addicts, combating administrative corruption, and managing the national budget from domestic revenues.
He emphasized the efforts of the Islamic Emirate in building and prospering Afghanistan.
Hanafi further added that even those who fought against the mujahideen were granted amnesty and now live freely in the country, following the general amnesty declared by the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.


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