Islamic Emirate Addresses Issues in All Regions: Hanafi


KABUL (BNA): Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs, met with a group of scholars, mujahideen, and district governors from the eighteen districts of Ghazni province.

During the meeting, they discussed social, security, and local government activities in the mentioned districts.

The group recognized the sacrifices, valor, and efforts of the Islamic Emirate’s mujahideen to implement the guidance of the leadership and maintain security and well-being for the people.

They also urged the officials to strengthen local administrations, address health issues, and initiate developmental projects in the province.

Deputy Prime Minister Hanafi acknowledged the efforts of the Islamic Emirate are a result of the struggles, sacrifices, and martyrdom of thousands of scholars, youth, women and children in the region. He emphasized the commitment of the Islamic Emirate officials to identify and address the needs of the people within their capabilities.

Finally, he assured that the Islamic Emirate will take action to address the issues and undertake developmental projects in all districts with available resources.


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