ISI Trying To Deploy New Terrorist Groups’ Affiliates In Afghanistan // Commentary

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The defending and security forces of the country have sufficient experiences in battle against mercenaries sent from abroad but the complications of the battle occasionally put shadow on the experiences.
BNA military issues analyst commenting on the issue writes talking about the interferences of Pakistan in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs are not new, but the strategies that the Pakistani authorities use for weakening our nation are changing according to the situation. According to media reports, the Pakistani intelligence service, is designing a plan according to which they want to send some members of Lashkar–I–Taiba and Jaish–I–Mohammad terrorist parties in to Afghanistan.
According to unofficial figures released by dailies of the country the number of these terrorists reaches to 400 to 500 people called Red Unit.  According the dailies, a small number of this so called Red Unit have arrived Kunduz via other provinces and most of these forces have been stationed In south of the country. The presence of Pakistani intelligence service in battles on going in our country needs no any proof, because, when Pakistani authorities shamelessly say that without peace in Kashmir there would be no peace in the region is a clear interference of Pakistan in domestic affairs of Afghanistan and fueling the imposed war on our country. Afghan military experts repeatedly insisted that Pakistan intelligence service using Taliban and other terrorist groups as a means for obtaining blackmail from the countries of the region and due to ignoring this evil policy by certain countries, Pakistan has been successful in implementing its strategy and repeatedly obtained blackmail from superpowers.
However, a question rises here, why the countries of the region and beyond the region ignoring all these conspiracies let Pakistan to change Helmand and Kunduz in to another Karbala scene. If today the innocent Afghan people including men, women and  children killed in Kunduz, Helmand, Farah and other parts of our homeland, Pakistan is behind these brutal killings and massacres. Therefore, we openly say that until the hideouts and sanctuaries of terrorist groups exist in Pakistan peace will not restore in Afghanistan and the region. Therefore, if international community really wants to end fighting and bloodshed in Afghanistan and in the region should ask Pakistani authorities desist from supporting terrorists and remove their hideouts and sanctuaries in Pakistan territory.

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