Historical and Natural Sites in Bamyan Attract 20 Foreign Tourists

KABUL (BNA): Twenty international tourists, all hailing from Albania, have arrived in Bamyan province to explore its historical and natural wonders.

Mawlavi Safiullah Raed, the Director of Information and Culture in Bamyan, informed the Bakhtar News Agency about their arrival. He stated that the Information and Culture Department has extended a warm welcome to all foreign tourists and is providing them with the best possible assistance.

John Aloni, one of the tourists, expressed his delight at finally being able to visit Bamyan, a place he had yearned to see for years. He described his happiness as immense now that his longstanding wish has been fulfilled.

Aloni also praised the excellent security situation in Bamyan, noting that they have not encountered any security issues so far. This observation reflects the overall positive security conditions in Afghanistan.

With the establishment of the Islamic Emirate and the enhancement of security in Afghanistan, the number of foreign tourists visiting the country’s historical and natural sites is increasing.


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