Girls in Jawzjan Province through Entrepreneurship


SHEBRGHAN (BNA): Moqadas Sadat, a businesswoman in Jawzjan province, has established a carpet weaving and tailoring workshop, creating employment opportunities for a hundred girls.

Sadat expressed that with additional support, she could expand her business and employ more girls in various fields. The products from her workshops, mainly carpets and clothing, are sold in domestic markets.

Sadat initiated the carpet weaving workshop seven months ago and the tailoring workshop a year ago. She aims to engage more unemployed women and girls in productive work and revitalize the carpet weaving industry in Afghanistan.

Nadia, a participant, emphasized the positive economic impact of the workshop on her family. Fatema Nek Rasoli, who oversees the women’s industries section in the Jawzjan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, noted an increase in women and girls engaging in tailoring and carpet weaving.

According to her data, nearly six thousand girls in Jawzjan have engaged in various handicrafts over the past two years.


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