Former Pakistan’s ISI Chief Accused of Corruption


KABUL(BNA): Pakistan’s Supreme Court, along with the Ministry of Defence and other intelligence agencies, has initiated an investigation into the financial corruption allegations against General Faiz Hameed, the former chief of the country’s military Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

General Faiz Hameed is accused of land and property grabbing and abusing his authority.

The investigation into this matter started after Malik Ahmed Khan, the owner of ‘Top City’ private township near Islamabad International Airport, filed a complaint with Pakistan’s Supreme Court, accusing the general of illegally seizing his properties.

This investigation is being conducted under the orders of Pakistan’s Supreme Court and the Ministry of Defence, with the country’s military also forming a special committee to carry out the investigation.

Based on this complaint, on May 2017, some ISI Pakistan officers, under the orders of Faiz Hameed, raided Ahmed Khan’s township and offices, seizing a quantity of gold, diamonds, and cash.

The owner of this township stated in his complaint that after this raid, Faiz Hameed and his brother promised to resolve the issue and return the valuable items, but they did not fulfill this promise.

General Faiz Hameed held the position of head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency from 2019 to 2022, and prior to that, he was the director of counter-terrorism for the same organization.


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