Floods Caused Life, Financial Losses in Parwan

KABUL (BNA) Heavy Floods in Parwan province have caused life and financial losses to the people in the past days.

Sheikh Ali chief district Qari Zabihullah Turabi said two people had been lost their lives, three injured and three others were still missing.

Dozens of acres of farmland and livestock have also been demolished, Turabi added.

Meanwhile, Siagaard district chief Qari Abdul Ghafar Haidari told BNA, floods in Kheeshku and Cheelan sites of Siagaard district caused financial losses but no live injuries.

Meanwhile, floods in Koh-e-Safi district have destroyed dozens of acres of farmland and livestock.

Besides, the rainfall caused financial and life losses in Zabul, Logar and Ghazni provinces in the past two days.


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