Deputy Prime Minister Advocates for Job Opportunities for Returnees During Torkham Town Visit


KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, has called upon officials from government institutions, companies, and traders to collaborate on creating job opportunities for returnees.

This appeal was made during his visit to Nangarhar province and his inspection of the Omar Refugee Camp in the Torkham region, according to a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office.

During his visit, he also met with officials from Torkham town who shared information about their activities and the challenges they face concerning the return of Afghan migrants from Pakistan.

They highlighted the significant pressure on the camp due to the influx of returning Afghan migrants but also noted the support from local people, Afghans living abroad, traders, and international organizations. This support has facilitated the returnees and provided them with essential amenities.

The officials reported that the return of Afghan migrants continues. These returnees are being registered biometrically at the Omar camp before being assisted and sent back to their regions.

Mawlavi Abdul Kabir expressed gratitude to all individuals, international organizations, and businesses assisting returning Afghans in temporary camps. He assured that the Islamic Emirate’s support for returnees would persist.

Despite the violation of international principles in expelling Afghan migrants, the Islamic Emirate is pleased with their return and is striving to create conditions for the voluntary return of all Afghans.

The Deputy Prime Minister urged officials, affluent Afghans, companies, and Afghan traders to collaborate on job creation for returnees.

Notably, during his visit to Torkham township, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir assured relevant officials that the issues in Torkham would be seriously addressed, and efforts would be made to facilitate travel and healthcare for individuals in need.


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