Deputy PM Kabir Called Security Situation in Parwan Admissible

KABUL (BNA) Mawlawi Abdul Kabir Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for political affairs in a meeting on Saturday with the chief police commander of Parwan called the province security situation admissible.

During a meeting, in Sapedar palace the chief police commander of Parwan Mawlawi Azizullah provided details on the security situation and said security and peace are ensured in the province, according to a statement.

Deputy Prime Minister Kabir praised the security situation in that province, said the Islamic Emirate security forces are in the service of the people, and will never spare any efforts in this respect.

In the meeting, the deputy political directed the Necessary orders to the chief police commander of Parwan and other local member officials of the province to ensure better security in that province.

Parwan is one of Kabul’s neighboring provinces to the north, which after the collapse of the former government, witness no insecurity or security incidents on the rise of the Islamic Emirate.


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