Cholera Wide Now in Helmand

HELMAND (BNA) The outbreak of cholera spread in three districts of Helmand now, officials say, on Wednesday the efforts were made to curb the spread.

Dozens of people in Helmand have been infected with cholera so far.

Baghlan, Musa Qala and Gershak districts of Helmand have been called the main center of the disease.

According to the statistics, 85 villagers, including women and children, were infected with cholera in the Baghran district alone, and most of them were treated by mobile health teams in their villages.

The Gershak district has so far had 50 cholera patients, all of whom are under treatment.

Dr. Ahmad Saeed, head of public health in Helmand, told BNA that mobile health teams have started the process of treating cholera patients in addition to medical centers.

He had traveled to Gershak district to check the process of fighting against cholera and said that soon this disease will be contained in Helmand.

Cholera is a severe intestinal infection. a sick person with Vibrio cholera virus has severe diarrhea and vomiting. The main cause of the cholera virus spread is contaminated drinking water.


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