Cholera Took 12 Lives in Jowzjan

SHEBARGHAN (BNA) Jowzjan public health officials say that pursuing the spread of cholera, more than 6,950 people have been infected with the disease, and 2,466 are under treatment.

Dr. Khalis Qadri, a public health official in Jawzjan, told BNA that the disease first spread in Jangal Areeg village of Mardyan, which was prevented by the timely provision of services and the cooperation of the people.

According to him, more than 6,950 people have been infected with Cholera disease, and 12 lost their lives before receiving medical treatment.

He added that the use of contaminated water and not lack of hygiene knowledge has caused the spread of this disease in that province.

According to him, the disease is currently under control and it is necessary to mobilize health support institutions in this sector.

Samim asked the people to follow the health instruction and use potable water.


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