Azizi Praises Pakistani Voices Against Forced Expulsion of Afghan Refugees

KABUL (BNA): Deputy Minister of Information and Culture Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi attended a poetry event in Nangarhar province to welcome the Afghan refugees who have returned from Pakistan.

The event was organized by the provincial Department of Information and Culture and featured poems by local poets, writers, and culturists.

Azizi said that Pakistan violated international norms by forcibly deporting Afghan refugees and called it a cruel and unjust act by the neighboring government.

He appreciated the Pakistani religious scholars, politicians, and other people who opposed the decision of their rulers and called it illegal and wrong. He also urged the national and international aid agencies to assist the returning refugees.

Azizi thanked the officials of Nangarhar’s information and culture department for holding the poetry event and honoring the refugees.

He said that the event was held in a free and open atmosphere, without any censorship, and that the poems expressed the sufferings of the Afghan refugees and their hope for a better future.


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