Armed Attackers Target Police Station in Pakistan


KABUL (BNA): In an armed attack on a police station in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, ten policemen were killed.

Reuters reported that the incident occurred early this morning in the Daraban area of Dera Ismail Khan, resulting in the death of ten Pakistani security personnel and injuries to six other police officers.

According to the report, armed attackers initially targeted the police station guards with a rocket launcher and then entered the compound.

Quoting Malik Anis Al-Hassan, the deputy police inspector in Daraban, Reuters stated, after entering the police compound, terrorists used hand grenades, causing more casualties among the police.

Geo News Pakistan reported that the attackers have managed to escape after the assault. Security forces in Pakistan have cordoned off the area and initiated a search operation to apprehend the fleeing militants.
So far, no individual or group has claimed responsibility for this bloody incident.


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