Afghans Must Compete with World in Science

LAGHMAN (BNA) Laghman Governor, Qari Zainul Abideen Abid, in a meeting on Saturday with the officials and university lecturers in the province, said that Afghans should compete with the world in science and modern technology as well.

Abedin inspirits university lecturers to educate all students in an Islamic and patriotic way.

He called on lecturers, just as the Afghans had defeated the world in war, so should they compete in science and modern education.

Today is the age of knowledge, and all Afghans are obliged to impart Islamic and modern education to their children, He added.

Meanwhile, the dean of the university Qari Mohibullah Hidayat and the lecturers assured the governor of Laghman that they would educate children of the country with honesty and patriotic spirit to serve their country.

At the current time, thousands of students are busy learning in five different faculties of Laghman University.


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