Acting Public Health Minister Discusses Disease Control Programs with UNDP Representative

KABUL (BNA): Dr. Qalander Ebad, the Acting Minister of Public Health, had a meeting today with representatives from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) at his office.

They discussed the enhancement of disease control programs, with a particular focus on malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV.

Ebad emphasized the importance of controlling infectious diseases, especially in specific regions of the country, and outlined the ongoing efforts in this area.

The UNDP representative acknowledged the continued partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and advocated for the improvement of malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV control programs in collaboration with the Global Fund.

Ebad stressed the need for transparency and accountability from healthcare service providers and other international entities working with the Ministry.

He also instructed the technical authorities in the sector to enhance the implementation of these programs and find better solutions to strengthen them.


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