9 Public Benefit Projects’ Work Initiate In Badakhshan

FAIZABAD (BNA) Coar institution in cooperation With UNICEF financial support has started work on nine public benefit projects in Faizabad central city of Badakhshan province.

The supervisor of the project Engineer Zabihullah told BNA that the projects cost 35 million afghanis in Faizabad, including a wall surrounding three large drinking water reservoirs, a toilet building, a room for security guards, digging a deep well for drinking water, and provision of a generator base, and cleaning of all garbage is included in the work plan of this office, which is to complete and put into exploitation during 45 days of work.

Deputy Governor of Badakhshan Mawlawi Nesaar Ahmad Ahmadi said the projects opened jobs opportunities to people and tens of jobs are available for applicants to apply for it.

On his speech he called on national and international organizations and donors to expand their activities in vary sectors of Badakhshan to improve people’s lives and help jobs creations.


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