4th Doses of Polio Vaccination Campaign Started Nationwide

KABUL (BNA): Public Health Ministry announced the Ministry has started the fourth dose of polio vaccination nationwide in association with UNICEF and World Health Organization WHO.

The campaign which is expected to vaccinate 9.9 million children under the age of five against polio has launched on Monday, said the Ministry in a statement.

The ministry said that three-course of polio vaccination has been successfully applied this year, and this is the fourth dose of the campaign to be launched this year.

Acting Public Health Minister Dr. Qalandar Ibad, on the occasion of the campaign asks all healthcare staff to spare no effort in launching the vaccine to eradicate polio fully.

In cause of the war, millions of children remain unvaccinated from the polio program, and now it’s time to save those children from polio disease, said officials of the Public Health Ministry.

At the current state, it is Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria that still recorded positive cases of polio in the world

According to the Ministry of Public Health, in the current year, only one case of polio was registered in Paktia province, the genetic origin of which was linked to the positive cases of polio in Pakistan.

Last year, the Ministry recorded four positive cases of polio across the country.

Polio is an infectious disease among children age five that causes permanent paralysis or even death the child.

Medical experts say the only method to prevent the disease is to get the vaccine, which should be given to children under the age of five.



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