350 Soldiers Received Military Training in Badakhshan Province

FAIZABAD (BNA): After completing a months-long training program, 350 newly trained soldiers from Badakhshan’s Omar Salis Division performed a military parade.

According to Mullah Hafez Mujahid, commander of the Omar Salis Division in Badakhshan, soldiers demonstrated their readiness to defend religion, people, and Afghanistan’s borders.

Soldiers were armed with guns and equipment and drove in military vehicles during this parade.

Lt. Haji Zada Karimi, chief of the Omar Salis Division, stated that 350 soldiers acquired military skills such as the use of various weapons, investigation, as well as Islamic education during this training session.

A discharged soldier from this military training, Dawod Mokhtar Wardoji, says he is ready to defend his motherland and its people.


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