UN Representative in Asia Meets with Islamic Emirate Officials in Herat


HERAT (BNA): The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Central Asia, along with his delegation, visited Herat province and met with Mawlavi Muhajir Farahi, the deputy minister of information and culture, and the deputy governor of Herat province.

The deputy governor of Herat province expressed the need for more support and cooperation from the UN agencies in providing medical facilities and resources to the state-run hospitals in the province.

Mawlavi Muhajir Farahi highlighted the adverse effects of drought on the economic situation of the people and urged the UN to assist the farmers in distributing fertilizers and modern equipment.

The deputy minister of information and culture requested the UN to help the migrants who have returned to the country from neighboring countries.

The UN representative assured that they are working to address the issues with the collaboration of the Islamic Emirate and have deployed a team of UN agencies at the border points of Torkham and Islam Qala to assist the migrants.

The UN representative expressed his satisfaction with the effective security situation in Afghanistan, which has enabled them to expand their services across the country. He also praised the Islamic Emirate for its cooperation and coordination with the UN.


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