UN Rasies $2.44 billion Global Aid to Afghanistan

KABUL(BNA) Antonio Guterrres Secretary-General of the United Nations hold largest conference on Afghanistan gathered 41 donors countries pledged $2.44 billion to help bring Afghanistan out of the humanitarian crisis.

The meeting host by the United Nations, the United Kingdom, Germany and Qatar, and attended by representatives of various countries and international organizations in Switzerland.

The United Nations had asked for $4.4 billion in aid from the world to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, but only half of the UN assistance has granted.

In the meeting, the United Kingdom’s three hundred and seventy-five million dollars, Germany more than two hundred and twenty-one million dollars, the European Union one hundred and twenty-eight million dollars, the United States two hundred and four million dollars and Qatar twenty-five million dollars and a number of other countries, Promiser aid to Afghanistan.

The money is to be spent on helping needy families in Afghanistan through global aid agencies.

Speaking at the meeting, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed the need to prevent a “deadly” situation in Afghanistan and said that the world should not leave the Afghan people in this dire situation crisis.

According to him, about 95% of the Afghan people do not have enough food and nine million people are at risk of starvation.
“Without immediate action, we are facing a crisis of hunger and malnutrition in Afghanistan,” He said.


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