There is No Majority or Minority in Islam, says Deputy PM

KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, has affirmed that the Islamic Emirate operates on the principle of no distinction between majority and minority, mirroring the tenets of Islam.
As per a statement from Arg, the Prime Minister’s Palace, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir has held separate meetings with dignitaries, scholars, and representatives of Shia and Hindu communities. He also visited representatives from 22 districts of Kabul city and interacted with traders from Paktia province.
The participants in these meetings expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate. They noted that since the Islamic Emirate’s return to the country, Kabul has seen a significant decrease in oppression, theft, criminal activities, and land usurpation, leading to a safer environment for its citizens.
Representatives from various Kabul regions brought attention to the city’s severe drinking water shortage. They stressed the need for development in Kabul, provision of drinking water, and increased collaboration between Kabul’s residents and the Islamic Emirate.
Hindu and Sikh representatives raised concerns about their properties in Kabul being seized, demanding their return and calling for legal measures to address their rights.
In response, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir acknowledged Kabul’s water crisis and assured that the Islamic Emirate is actively working to address it, including seeking assistance from other countries. He reiterated that the Islamic Emirate is committed to resolving the people’s challenges, emphasizing that there is no concept of majority and minority in Islam, a principle that guides the Islamic Emirate’s actions.
He stated that Kabul requires substantial development and reform. He assured that all seized properties would be returned to their rightful owners and that the city’s residents would receive standard services.
The Deputy Prime Minister also reassured that efforts are underway to address the issues faced by all Afghans, including Shia and Hindu believers.
It’s noteworthy that during these meetings, tribal leaders and merchants from Paktia presented written accounts of the challenges faced by the people of Paktia to the Deputy Prime Minister. Mawlavi Abdul Kabir assured them that their requests and suggestions would be taken into consideration based on available resources.

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