Supreme Audit Administration, Present Its Last Five-Month Assignments to The Public In An Open Meeting In Kabul

Kabul (BNA) The administration office of the Supreme Audits shared the achievements and future plans in a meeting today in Kabul.

According to BNA, the meeting, held at the government’s Information and Media Center, Mawlawi Qudratullah Jamal, head of the Supreme Audit administration briefed, on the importance of the department.

He said the Supreme Audit administration is high an independent institution that conducts its operations in a professional, impartial manner, in accordance with applicable laws and international standards.

Head of the Supreme Audit Office, ensuring transparency and accountability in the realization of government revenues and expenditures, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, economics, usefulness and effectiveness in implementing programs, projects and activities in government institutions are important and key goals. This office stated.

Meanwhile, Najib-u-Rehman Rahmani, Deputy of Finance and administration of the Supreme Audit administration, briefed on the administration’s activities, achievements and plans for the coming year, saying that it had been able to set up 300 public offices in the capital and provinces, including ministries and departments. Independently, state-owned companies and municipalities can be audited.

He added that a review of cash and movable assets of 59 government departments is underway, which will be followed by an audit report.

According to Rahmani, a total of 775.4 billion afghanis in education and 3.2 billion afghanis in one year have been collected and included in the state treasury, according to the assurances of the inspected authorities.

He reviewed the observance of rules and regulations in 200 public departments, presented reports on the implementation of cash and movable assets of government departments, conduction a review of information systems, conduction of a training seminar for internal auditors of government departments and upgraded the capacity of its staff. Excellent audition.

It should be noted that the Supreme Audit Office was established in 1300 solar year and according to Article 5 of the Law on the Supreme Audit administration, it has the authority to audit all public institutions and reports the results of the inspections to the Chief Minister.

Bakhtar News Agency

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