Prioritizing Anticipated Needs Following Natural Disasters is Crucial: Acting State Minister for Disaster Management

KABUL (BNA): Mullah Mohammad Abbas Akhund, the Acting State Minister for Disaster Management, in a meeting with Sawsan Saad, the coordinator of the Shelter Cluster NGO, emphasized the importance of prioritizing anticipated needs due to the significant casualties and damages caused by recent natural disasters in Afghanistan.
According to a ministry statement, the meeting focused on enhancing coordination between the ministry and the aid organization, which is actively involved in constructing shelters and providing non-food aid.
Mullah Mohammad Abbas Akhund highlighted the substantial damages caused by recent events, including landslides in Nuristan and ongoing snowfalls across the country. He called for joint coordination to reach out to those affected by these disasters.
Sawsan Saad reported that humanitarian aid has been gathered for over 130,000 vulnerable families during the winter season, with distribution currently underway for more than 97,000 families. She pledged to assist those affected by the Nuristan landslide.
Looking ahead to 2024, Saad underscored the commitment to swift transfers of humanitarian aid to affected areas and ongoing collaboration with the ministry to address the aftermath of natural disasters.

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