Power Supply Project Inaugurated and Put Into Operation in Parwan

Charikar (BNA) A power supply project was inaugurated and put into operation in Parwan  yesterday.

Parwan district official told BNA that the project includes the installation of a 160 kW transformer with all electrical equipment and construction materials, worth 3,500,000 Afghanis, inaugurated by the deputy governor and Breshna officials in Parwan yesterday.

He said that more than 160 families have benefited from the electricity in Khalazai village in central Parwan.

Ruhollah Sajed, head of Parwan Electricity, says that the Parwan Electricity Department is trying to complete and put into operation part-time projects.

Mawlavi Dost Mohammad Haqqani, Deputy Governor of Parwan, expressed his appreciation for this action and called for more services to the people.


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