Police Seize Eighty-Eight Relics in Uruzgan

URUZGAN (BNA) local police in cooperation with the Information and Culture Department of Uruzgan have seized eighty-eight relics from a residence in the Cahar Chineh district of Uruzgan.

The relics, suspected to have been illegally kept, are currently undergoing investigation to determine their historical significance.

Qari Agha Wali Qureshi, the director of the Uruzgan Information and Culture Department confirmed the seizure in a statement to the Bakhtar News Agency.

He emphasized the importance of preserving both tangible and intangible ancient relics and urged the residents of Uruzgan to support government entities in this endeavor.

The confiscated relics, which include a variety of artifacts, are believed to hold historical significance and shed light on the region’s rich cultural heritage.


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