Only Islamic System Can Govern Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA): The Acting Refugees and Repatriation Minister Khalil-ur-Rahman Haqqani stated in a meeting in Paktia province that apart from the Islamic system, the establishment of other forms of governments would not be permitted to rule Afghanistan.

Haji Khalil -ur-Rahman Haqqani expressed these remarks during the graduation ceremony of the students of the Jihadi Madrasa of Paktia.

He added that schools and mosques are centers for safeguarding and protecting Islam, and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect and promote it.

He urged scholars to provide jihadi and military education to students in non-religious schools so that they are prepared to defend Islam and the country at any time.

Haqqani emphasized the expansion and strengthening of madrasas in rural areas and called on people to assist the Afghan returnees in meeting their primary needs.


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