National Defense Ministry’s Al-Faruq Rescue Team Rescues Dozens Trapped in Snow in Herat Province

KABUL (BNA): The National Defense Ministry’s Al-Faruq Rescue Team recently carried out a successful mission to rescue fifty-two individuals who were trapped in heavy snow in Herat province. In a statement released by the Ministry, it was reported that the individuals, stuck in the snow in Kohsan and Islam Qala districts of Herat province, were rescued by the team last night.
Furthermore, the Ministry of Defense’s rescue team also saved fifteen passengers who were stranded in a snowstorm on the route to Doolina district. They were then safely transported to the capital of Ghor province.
The recent heavy snowfall has resulted in the blockage of many highways and roads leading to provincial capitals. Efforts are ongoing by relevant institutions to reopen these blocked pathways and ensure the safety of travelers and residents.

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