MoHE Opened Cadre Hospital, Radio, Research farm of Shaikh Zayed University in Khost

KABUL (BNA) The deputy Minister of Higher Education Dr. Lotfullah Khairkhwah, after assessing the staff examination process at Shaikh Zayed University of Khost, inaugurated the cadre hospital, radio, and research farm of the university.

According to the Ministry statement, Khairkhwah evaluating the process of examination of the staff positions of Shaikh Zayed University assured them of the transparency of the exam and said that there is no possibility of any fraud in this exam.

During the inauguration of Sheikh Zayed Radio of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, the research farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, the Animal Clinic, and the cadre hospital of the Sheikh Zayed University of Khost, he said that these projects are productive in delivering students with practical work.

He added that the opening of the cadre hospital while being effective in the practical activities of students, is also valuable for the people of Khost in terms of providing health services and treatment.

The president of Shaikh Zayed University in Khost, Engineer Homayoun plus other officials of the university expressed their satisfaction with the inauguration of the mentioned projects and promised that they will make great use of it, in conducting practical work for students and providing services to the people.


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