Kabul Municipality Initiate a Public Awareness Campaign

KABUL (BNA) A nationwide public awareness campaign on the culture of urbanization, initiated by the Kabul Municipality, was hailed by the citizens of Kabul.

During the public awareness campaign, the head of Kabul Municipality Publications Nematullah Barakzai said Regrettably, the culture of urbanization has become unprecedentedly vulnerable and citizens are not accountable to their city,”

“In particular, the culture of urbanization is the main real culture of any society,” he added.

According to him, the quality of urban culture plays a key role in the process of sustainable development, quality of life, health, and public well-being.

The influx and migration of citizens from the countryside to the big cities have led to the creation of different ethnic groups with different cultural compositions and diversity of attitudes towards the community and the city as a whole,” said Qasseem Ahmadzai, government official and a Kabul resident.

According to him, in order to control this cultural problem, it is necessary for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to raise the issue of urban management planning.

He adds that the nationwide public awareness program on urban culture links the public mindset to the issues of cultural backwardness, and emphasizes Weber’s sense of responsibility.

“at the Current state, the planetary of our city is a full-blown mirror of the cultural backwardness of the city’s residents,” said Mohammad Youns Mehreen, a cultural figure and a former employee of the Department of Administrative Reform Publications and Civil Services.

According to him, new tools have penetrated into people’s lives, but customs, behavior, and use have not yet emerged.

He adds most citizens carry a smartphone of the latest model and is riding in a stylish car, but he throws garbage out of the car window due to not having the necessary knowledge of the culture of urbanization.

Also irresponsibly dealing with public property, parks, and green areas, cutting down trees, and blocking sidewalks are some of the issues that city dwellers as citizens do not pay much attention to it.

The culture will be revitalized by initiating a nationwide public awareness campaign in regard to the culture of urbanization, and that is suffice because our city is our home, he added.



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