Kabul Finally Witnesses Rainfalls, Snowfalls

Saturday January 28, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Kabul has finally covered by white blanket and it has brought happiness among its citizens.
In fact, when the snow falls, the people get very happy and it can be seen in any corners of the city that the children and youth happily play games. A number of youth told that they love snowfall, because, they believe it surely brings happiness along with itself. A Kabul resident, Omid said that he got outside his home to spend a few minutes with his friends and enjoy the life in the snowy weather. He said that according to weather forecasts, it was not supposed the people witness any snowfall this winter, but thanks god we have witnessed several days of snowfalls so far. Actually, rainfalls and snowfalls can positively affect the environment on one hand and can rescue the people from drought on the other, he added. When the snow falls, the children gather it and make a hill of snow. Then they stand in lines, climb to the top of the hill, sit on the top and slide down, a game that is really enjoying to children, he continued.
Another game is Barf jangi, in this game, a group of children or youth divide into two teams. They make snowballs and the game starts when they hit each other with the balls, he went on to say. Tariq, another resident said, ‘I love snowfall, but unfortunately, I don’t feel good when the weather gets rainy or snowy. Because, there are many poor families in my country who cannot afford to buy firewood or other types of fuels to heat their houses.’ Unfortunately, in some cases, heavy snowfalls also cause traffic problems, particularly in highways and it seriously concern the passengers. For instance, Salang Pass, where has been closed to traffic since few days. Confirming the report, Gen. Rajab, the in-charge on protection of passes said, ‘due to heavy rainfalls and snowfalls, Salang Pass has been closed and we informed the passengers through media to prevent commuting through this route for a few days.’ At the same time, a number of drivers working through Salang Pass are impatiently waiting for reopening of passes. Almost, 1.5 meter snow has reportedly fallen in Salang Pass, and it is unclear when the pass is opened to passengers and drivers.  It is worth mention that snowfalls and rainfalls have considerably declined over the last years and according to environmentalists, Afghanistan is a country where the people life is mostly depended on agriculture. Thus, rainfalls and snowfalls can play important role in people life throughout the country, they added.

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