Islamic Emirate Supports Industrialists and Manufacturing Sector: Azizi

KABUL (BNA): In a meeting with factory owners in Pol-e-Charkhi Industrial Park, Nouruddin Azizi, Acting Industry and Commerce Minister, emphasized the Islamic Emirate’s full support for industrialists and the manufacturing sector.

According to a ministry statement, Abdul Jabar Safi and other factory owners met to discuss issues such as power shortages, road conditions, clinic maintenance, the installation of security cameras at Pol-e-Charkhi Industrial Park, the reactivation of the Industry Development Bank, and tariff increases in the plastic products sector.

Nooraldin Azizi promised to support the country’s industry and industrialists, citing issues in the electricity sector and the signing of an agreement to complete the activation of a 500-KW power line project.

He said that the activation of Industry Development Bank would be shared with the technical team of the ministry for consideration.


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