Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Is a Reality Need to Be Admitted: Uzbekistan

KABUL (BNA) The Special envoy of Uzbekistan President for Afghanistan acknowledge the Islamic Emirate as a political reality in Afghanistan and stressed interaction with the standing rulers in the country.

“Uzbekistan is interacting with the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan on a large scale,” said Ismatulla Irgashev. “He called the Islamic Emirate a reality that needs to be admitted.”

“We have had strong associates with the Islamic Emirate for a long time and we talk about cooperation regularly,” he said in an interview with VOA.

“Uzbekistan is looking for a peaceful and stable neighbor, we see no other option; “We have a border, a deep history, and a common culture”.

The senior Uzbek diplomat described Afghanistan as an integral part of Central Asia and stressed that “regardless of who is in power in Afghanistan, we see a common future with great common interests with this country.”

The statements of this senior Uzbek diplomat are a confession of the realities of Afghanistan. Today, the Islamic Emirate is an objective fact in Afghan society that cannot be denied, and the international community, especially its neighbors in Afghanistan and the region, has no choice but to accept this fact.

The Islamic Emirate is not an imposed phenomenon, but the birth of the will of the Afghan people and the result of the struggles that have taken place over the last twenty years against foreign occupation.

The Islamic Emirate, unlike the propaganda carried out by certain circles abroad, is not a threat to any country, but seeks to be a member of the international community and to interact with neighboring countries and the region in order to the region will achieve greater economic and welfare progress through Afghanistan.

The fact that the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan is a factor for internal and regional stability should not be successful in interacting with other countries. The fact that the Special Representative of the President of Uzbekistan has admitted.

Although the Islamic Emirate has not yet been recognized by the international community, except for its interaction with foreign countries, it is an interaction with recognized countries. Today, the Islamic Emirate manages many of Afghanistan’s embassies It has taken over the country and this is a good political success for the Islamic Emirate and the people of Afghanistan.


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