Islamic Emirate Emphasizes on Afghanistan’s Reconstruction: Kabir


KABUL (BNA): Mullah Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, met with Haji Azizullah Din Muhammad, a notable jihadi figure and public personality, along with several national leaders and scholars at the Sapidar Palace today.

According to a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, Haji Din Mohammad initially stressed the need for permanent stability and economic strengthening as crucial for Afghanistan.

He advocated for the utilization of domestic resources and personnel for the country’s economic development and reconstruction.

In the meeting, several dignitaries emphasized the need for enhanced coordination and collaboration between the people and the Islamic government. This is to bridge the gap between the government and the nation at the grassroots level.

They expressed their full cooperation and requested special attention to health, education, and road construction.
The Deputy Prime Minister then stated that the Islamic Emirate places a strong emphasis on Afghanistan’s reconstruction.

Each year sees an increase in the scope of infrastructure projects in the national budget. He highlighted the growing focus on employing domestic personnel, especially in infrastructure projects, within the framework of the Islamic Emirate.

In his recent remarks, Mawlavi Kabir noted that the people’s collaboration with the Islamic Emirate has led to the successful implementation of large-scale projects across the country.


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