Interim Government of Pakistan: Elections Will Be Held on Preplanned Time


KABUL (BNA): The interim government of Pakistan has announced that, despite security threats, the general elections in the country will proceed as scheduled.

The Information Minister of the interim government, Ghulam Mortaza Solangi, dismissed any speculation about delaying the elections due to weather conditions, threats, or border unrest.

He emphasized that recent security challenges in Pakistan will not cause any delay in the upcoming general elections.

The elections are set to take place next Thursday, on Feb 8, 2024. They will cover the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and Baluchistan.

Pakistan has officially declared Feb 8 as a holiday for the general elections, and over 270,000 military personnel have been deployed to ensure election security.

In this year’s elections in Pakistan, 125,885,760 people are eligible to vote, including over 69,263,000 men and over 59,322,000 women. Additionally, 92 international observers from various countries will monitor the elections.


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