Infrastructure Projects Requested in Juwand District, Badghis

KABUL (BNA): Some scholars and Mujahideen from the Juwand district in Badghis province met with Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs, and asked for the implementation of infrastructure projects in their district.

According to a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, the participants of the meeting described Juwand as one of the most deprived and remote areas of Afghanistan.

They urged the Islamic Emirate officials to pay more attention to the establishment of health clinics, schools, road repairs, and telecommunication networks in their district.

They also informed the Deputy Prime Minister about the social, economic, and local governance situation in Badghis province.

Abdul Salam Hanafi, in response to the proposals, said that the leadership of the Islamic Emirate is committed to solving the problems of the people of Juwand district, using the available resources to ease their difficulties.


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