IEA Delegation Engages in Constructive Dialogue with Iranian President’s Advisor

KABUL (BNA): A technical delegation from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, led by Mohammadullah Bakhtyar, the head of international transit at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, held a meeting with Hujatullah Abdul Malaki, the advisor to the president of Iran, and the secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial and Special Economic Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This meeting took place during their visit to the Chabahar port.
As per a statement from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the technical delegations from both sides discussed several key issues. These included the implementation and completion of the transit chain from Chabahar, the establishment of a representative office of the Islamic Republic in the Free Trade Zone, and the facilitation of procedures on this route. They also discussed matters related to the transfer, pricing, and lease period of required lands in Chabahar.
The priority was given to transit goods through this route and providing facilities to traders and investors from Afghanistan in Chabahar, among other related topics. Hujatullah Abdul Malki assured Iran’s full cooperation in these matters.

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