Over Two Thousand Afghan Migrants Return Home from Iran and Pakistan

KABUL (BNA) In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation Affairs confirmed the voluntary and forced return of more than two thousand Afghan migrants from Iran and Pakistan to their home country.

A total of 759 immigrants residing in Iran returned to Afghanistan through the Islam Qala-Herat border. Among them were families and individuals, with 379 requiring identification and assistance.

Notably, 18 unaccompanied children were taken to an orphanage to initiate efforts in identifying their families in the aftermath of the war.

Additionally, 13 families received financial aid worth 10,000 Afghanis each, while 38 individuals were provided with free SIM cards by dedicated committees at the border. Health services were extended to 143 individuals to address their immediate medical needs.

Furthermore, 349 Afghan migrants returned from the Torkham imaginary line on May 11, after being forcibly repatriated from Pakistan.

The repatriation process underscores the ongoing efforts of the Afghan government and international organizations to facilitate the return of Afghan migrants from neighboring countries. By providing essential support, identification services, financial aid, and healthcare, the aim is to ensure a smooth transition and reintegration for those returning to their homeland.


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