Afghanistan and China Strengthen Ties Via Fiber Optic Cable Initiative


KABUL(BNA): In a significant step towards fostering strong bilateral ties, Mawlawi Najibullah Hayat Haqqani, the acting minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, held a promising meeting with Zhao Xing, the Chinese Ambassador to Kabul.

In this meeting, the Acting Minister Haqqani, highlighted the enduring historical ties between Kabul and China, particularly in the social and economic sectors. Emphasizing mutual respect and national interests, these relations stand as a testament to the strong bond between Afghanistan and China.

He further noted Afghanistan’s potential to serve as a pivotal hub linking Asian nations, underscoring the importance of extending the fiber optic network to the Afghan border, extending up to Wakhan in Badakhshan province.

He also announced Afghanistan’s plan to extend its own fiber optic cable to border areas, facilitating direct communication with China. This initiative promises shorter communication routes for China to connect with other Asian countries, enhancing regional connectivity.

Emphasizing the enduring friendship between China and Afghanistan, the Chinese Ambassador reaffirmed their commitment to bolstering and perpetuating these historic ties, underlined a shared vision for a stronger and more sustainable partnership.

He reaffirmed efforts to bolster economic cooperation by encouraging Chinese investors to explore opportunities in Afghanistan’s telecommunications and technology sector. Acknowledging Afghanistan’s pivotal geographical position, he underscored the potential for mutual growth and prosperity.

Highlighting a strategic vision, the Chinese Ambassador stressed China’s keen interest in extending the fiber optic cable through Wakhan. He emphasized plans to convene discussions with experts and specialists from China to explore this initiative.

The meeting concluded with the establishment of a joint committee tasked with overseeing the discussed matters and delivering a comprehensive report to the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology.


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