Hundreds Destitute Families Received Aids in Faryab

MAIMANA (BNA) Two hundred needy families in Faryab received assistance

Dakar Relief Foundation, ACTED and Child Support Office distributed cash to 200 families in Faryab.

Mawlawi Saifuddin Jihadi, Faryab’s director of refugee and repatriations told BNA that 28,000 afghanis in cash had been distributed to each of the families.

According to another report, the ACTED Institution distributed 32,000 afghanis in cash to each of the 27 homeless families in Maimana, Faryab.

Mawlawi Saifuddin Jihadi, head of Faryab’s refugees and repatriations, said the aids are not enough for displaced and destitute families, and hoped that aid agencies would increase their assistance to the needy families of the province.

Bakhtar News Agency

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