Govt Telecommunication networks Function Boost in Ghazni

GHAZNI (BNA) Government telecommunication network functions expanded in Ghazni said Local officials of the Islamic Emirate on Sunday.

142 telephones linear fixed in governmental and non-governmental offices, said Mawlawi Abdul Wali Tayeb Ahmad head of Information and telecommunications of Ghazni to BNA reporter, in addition to expanding telecommunication network in that province.

Mr. Tayeb Ahmad says they have offered a lower price of linear telephones for the citizens of Ghazni province.

Head of communications Ghazni says the department’s technical staff has repaired four km of fiber optic cables that were destroyed during the conflicts in the province.

The department of Ghazni Information and telecommunication was able to provide up to 269MB of quality internet to their customers in the province, said Ahmad Tayeb.

Expanding telecommunication network functions in Ghazni province the citizens expressed happiness.

Abdul Rahman a resident of Ghazni said the internet of private telecommunication networks price was high, but the government network has a better price of internet packages now in that province.

The department of Information and Communications Technology of Ghazni Province, along with installing eight antennas of Salaam telecommunication, has provided 24 hours network services to the central city and district of the province.


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