Gas Reserve Discovers in Uruzgan

KABUL (BNA) Local officials in Uruzgan say gas deposits have been discovered in Warjan zone of ​​Harwad district of the province.

This is despite the fact that a professional and technical delegation also visited the area late on Sunday, a survey has been conducted. Said officials of the province.

Ruhal Amin, director of mines and petroleum in Uruzgan, said the deposits were found in the Warjan area of ​​the Dehradun district.

Shah Wali, a resident of the area, said gas reserves had been discovered in the Warjan area in the past three years.

There was already a gas reserve in the zone, which was used by the people and is still used by the nomads. He said.

Uruzgan’s director of mines and petroleum says he has begun efforts to discover mines and resources in the province and to provide labor works for the people.

Meanwhile, a national company is extracting precious stones on a mountain called Bakhud, south of Tarinkot, the capital of Uruzgan province.


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