Extractions Start in Ghazni Marble Quarry

GHAZNI (BNA) Local officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Ghazni say the marble quarry was invested with a value of 200 thousand USD by an inside company.

The provincial director of mines and petroleum, Mawlawi Hazrat Yusuf Sohaib, in Ghazni said that Maleestan Mardeena Company had started mining marble in Nahor district of the province and had invested more than $200,000

Sohaib said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is striving to strengthen the country’s economic through mining and creating jobs for the people.

Economists say that if Afghanistan’s mines are put to contractsthe country will have a strong economy in the region.

In the wake of the Islamic Emirate’s victory, mining started in many provinces of the country, which has provided jobs to thousands of people.


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