Excavation Commences on New Well, Boosting Oil Extraction Capacity in Amu River


KABUL (BNA): The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has announced the commencement of drilling on a new well in the Amu River, resulting in an increase in oil extraction capacity to 1,350 tons per day from this region.
According to official reports, the activation of six new wells in the Amu River oil field has brought the total number of active wells to 24, significantly boosting oil extraction operations. The oil field, spanning across Sar-e Pol, Jowzjan, and Faryab provinces, is currently producing 1,350 tons of oil daily from 15 wells in Qashqari blocks, six wells in Angot blocks, and three wells in Aq Darya blocks.
Local private sector businesses are responsible for the purification process within the country, with ongoing activities continuing to support the region’s oil production. The Ministry has outlined plans to drill an additional 12 wells in Qeshqari, eight wells in Zomorod Sayi, one well in Kamii Bazaar, and two wells in Aq Darya blocks by the end of 2024. This expansion project aims to raise the total number of active wells in the Amu River oil field to 47, with a daily extraction capacity of 3,000 tons.
Currently, around 1,500 individuals are directly and indirectly employed in the Amu River oil extraction industry, further contributing to the local economy.

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