Eighty Development Projects Completed in Khesan District


KABUL (BNA) Over the course of one and a half years, approximately 80 development projects have been completed in the Khesan district of Herat, bringing significant improvements to the region.

These projects, which received support from various aid organizations, particularly the World Bank, encompassed the construction of retaining walls, road paving, bridge rehabilitation, and cleaning of water channels.

Mawlana Abdul Salam Hijrat, the head of rural development in Herat, expressed his satisfaction with the completion of these projects, stating that they have addressed a portion of the environmental challenges faced by the local population.

Additionally, more than 20,000 local workers were provided with employment opportunities through the implementation of these projects.

Governor Mawlana Noor Ahmad Islam Jar emphasized the Islamic Emirate’s commitment to further development in Herat during the inauguration ceremony of these projects.

He revealed plans to undertake over thirty major economic projects in the region, including the construction of an industrial park, a new terminal, port, the Herat-Torghundi railway line, the cement project, and TAPI.

Mawlavi Ahmadullah Muttaqi, the head of information and culture, highlighted the positive security environment under the Islamic Emirate’s reign, emphasizing that no development project had been halted due to insecurity.


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