Deputy PM Hanafi Meets Kabul Governor, Praised Works and Activities of Officials


KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, met with Mullah Aminullah Obaid, the governor of Kabul.

According to a statement from Arg, during this meeting, Mullah Aminullah Obaid provided information about the activities of the local administration of Kabul province to the Deputy Prime Minister.

He said that the officials of Kabul province have always been striving to ensure securiprovideding services, creating necessary facilitiesfor the residents of Kabul province, and they spare no effort in addressing the problems faced by the people.

Referring to the serious attention of the Islamic Emirate in all fields, the Governor of Kabul also requested that special attention be paid to the expansion of the coordination of the second units of the administrations.
The Deputy Prime Minister also praised the activities and functions of the Kabul province officials in this meeting.

Mr. Hanafi while expressing appreciation for the measures taken during the Eid holidays by the officials of the Islamic Emirate, also stated that officials must make more efforts regarding security provision, creating social welfare, and providing necessary facilities for citizens.


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