Deputy PM Declares Islamic Emirate as a Product of the People

KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, has asserted that the Islamic system is supported by the entirety of the Afghan populace, fostering a sense of national unity.
During a meeting with prominent local figures in the Achin district of Nangarhar, as reported by the Palace of the Prime Minister, Arg, the Deputy PM made these remarks. The elders of the Achin district expressed their satisfaction with the overall security situation, stating that the residents now live in complete safety and are able to manage their daily affairs. They emphasized the significant sacrifices made by the people of Achin for the establishment of the Islamic system and their continued willingness to make any necessary sacrifices for its preservation.
The elders advocated for the implementation of development projects in the district, highlighting challenges such as the lack of clinics, schools, electricity, and other developmental issues faced by the people.
Mawlavi Abdul Kabir expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and acknowledged the significant losses endured by the residents of the Achin district during the occupation. He emphasized that their sacrifices and efforts for the Islamic system should not be forgotten.
The Deputy Prime Minister stated that the Islamic system has emerged from among the people of Afghanistan, and its sense of ownership extends to all Afghans. Their goal is to apply divine laws in their entirety and serve the people. To address the problems of the Achin district, he pledged to issue the necessary directives to the relevant departments.

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