Commercial Transits will Soon Begin Via Herat-Khaf Railway: Officials


HERAT (BNA): Mufti Mohammad Nasim Mohammadi, the head of the Herat Railway, announced the beginning of the transfer of commercial goods via the Herat-Khaf railway in the near future.

According to him, the Herat-Khaf railway, connecting Iran to the Ghoryan-Herat, Ruzang station in Afghanistan is ready for operation, and there are no technical issues or obstacles along this route.

Meanwhile, officials from the Herat Chamber of Commerce, investors, and some traders in the province expressed gratitude for the Islamic Emirate’s support and urged the creation of conditions for the transportation of cargo trucks from border of Abbas to the Rozang station.

Mufti Mohammadi assured western zone traders that the Afghan Railway Authority is committed to providing any necessary facilities for them.


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