Cabinet Orders Companies to Move Water Purification Operations Closer to Sources

KABUL (BNA): In the seventeenth session of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Cabinet, a significant decision was made regarding the country’s water management and the operations of water supply and purification companies.
The session, presided over by Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, took place on Monday at Arg, the Prime Minister’s Palace. The meeting focused on various topics, with key decisions being made.
A primary focus of the session was the prevention of water wastage in the country. A committee, led by the Ministry of Energy and Water, was assigned to investigate this issue. The committee is expected to conduct inquiries and present their findings at the next cabinet meeting.
A crucial decision made during the meeting was the relocation of water purification companies. To optimize water purification processes, these companies will now operate in areas on the outskirts of the city, closer to water sources. This strategic move aims to enhance the efficiency of water purification and supply, contributing to better water management in the country.

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